Monday, 28 February 2005

Unfutz has been busy

Check out the pretty charts and related statistics on Unfutz. Telling stuff. Yes, yes I know we should not assume that the uneducated voted for Bush based on one chart, but I'd like to think so. :-)

Actually some of my best friends are bush supporters and they are highly educated. I didn't say it was a good education, they just got lots of it. :-)

The most telling statistic for me is the population vs acreage vote. Clearly the high- density areas of the country voted Kerry and the low-density areas voted Bush. This was also true in the 2000 Gore/Bush election.

Perhaps this is an argument against the electoral college, or perhaps it speaks to the Bush (Rove) strategy. Win enough rural electoral votes and you win. The drawl, swagger, clearing brush on the farm, the way he pronounces words like "Nukular", his Christianity etc...are going to play big in the "live off the land," "self sufficient" types found in these low density parts of the country.